Daniel Belland - music director, composer, and freelance musician

Voyage for orchestra. (2012) 5:00min.

Voyage represents the idea of optimistically setting out, overcoming trials, and growing stronger in the process. The primary theme is introduced in a jaunty fashion, and dominates the majority of the work. It is passed around the orchestra, unfolded in different ways, developed and pushed forward by a strong sense of motion. As in any kind of journey, this forward momentum is often interupted, jolted and pushed in unexpected directions, but the theme finally pushes through to a triumphant ending. Whether it’s a physical journey or a personal one, we are familiar with the idea of a voyage, and I hope this piece reflects that process.

“…at once spirited and lively. Its light-heartedness showed a unique style, using the orchestra to its best advantage.”
-Gwenda Nemerofsky (Winnipeg Free Press)

Daniel Belland, one of two youths selected for the ESO’s Young Composer Project, premièred his composition, Voyage, a lively brass-infused piece that fit in well with the rhythmic fervour of the dancethemed program.
-Elizabeth Withey (Edmonton Journal)

“The performance left me with a feeling of wanting to hear more from this young composer. I take that as a very good sign.”
-misssable, Sound and Noise


Past performances:

  • April 28, 2014. Winnipeg Youth Orchestra. Centennial Concert Hall. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • January 29, 2013. Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. New Music Festival. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • November 15, 2012. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Winspear Centre. Edmonton, Alberta
  • September 3, 2012. Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Symphony Under The Sky Festival. Edmonton, Alberta. (world premiere)


  • No upcoming performances.